At the Beauty Lounge we have accredited lash technicians who specialise in crafting beautiful lashes that add length, volume and shape to your eyelashes. Our lash extensions should last three to four weeks before a refill. You can also book two and three week regular lash top-ups and refills at the Beauty Lounge for 24/7 flawless lashes.
extensions + tinting + Lash Lifts
classic full lash sets volume full lash sets mini lash top ups
classic refills volume refills two + three week refills
hybrid full lash sets natural lash lifts natural lash tinting
hybrid refills natural lash lift + tint lash removal

wash lashes regularly with lash cleanser to keep them looking full and fluffy

book in for lash refills every three weeks to maintain their fullness and beauty

avoid using oil-based products near lashes to prevent shedding

daily brushing of your lashes with a spoolie will keep them beautifully fanned and fluffy

avoid rubbing your eyes and playing with your lashes to prevent premature shedding and damage

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